pocket - an unabashed new display typeface


Hand drawn by illustrator Emilio Santoyo, Pocket is a bold sans serif display that will delight your audience. It features huge, extruded drops that look great when stacked vertically. Pocket works well in black and white, but really thrives when you fill it with color.



Hand-drawn by Emilio Santoyo

Each and every character was hand illustrated by this guy. Emilio lives and works in California as a freelance illustrator/ designer/ professional human. His work reflects the color and lifestyle of California. Emilio's whimsical illustrations exude rhythm, beauty, and heart.


Gigantic drop shadows

Pocket is designed to be used as a bold display typeface. It has huge diagonal drops that look great when stacked on top of one another.


Easy to use

Simply drag and drop each character into your After Effects composition to create your animation. Add fills, apply effects, distort... go to town. Here’s a quick-start tutorial that shows you how easy it is to start using WiggleType. Click here to download a sample word ("YES") to test out.


Bonus emojis!

You'll also get four (completely random) emojis straight from the mind of Emilio. We're wondering what was on his mind when he drew these.


Includes fills and outlines

Each character includes an outline and a solid fill. They can be used individually or in combination with one another. And since they include alpha channels, it’s easy in After Effects to change their color and apply effects.


High resolution

We’re accustomed to working at high resolutions for our film title sequence work, so Pocket was scanned and prepped at a high resolution. The uppercase characters (with drop shadows) are approximately 1180 pixels in height.

Click here to download a full resolution sample character.



Character set

Our first release of Pocket includes a generous character set that includes punctuations, symbols and a few bonus emojis. We are planning to eventually release an international version.






Numbers, math symbols, currency and emojis





Technical Specifications

Before you purchase WiggleType, we highly recommend watching our quick-start tutorial about how to use it. You can test out Pocket by downloading this sample word ("YES").

We prepared WiggleType on a Mac in After Effects. While we haven’t tested it in other applications and operating systems, we imagine that it can be used in other ways. Please take a look at the specs below to see if it’s something that will work for you:


Each WiggleType character is contained in a Qucktime file using the Animation codec.



We also provide 4 frame loops for each character as PNG image sequences.


The files contain premultiplied alpha channels


6 frames per second
We found this to be the most pleasing frame rate to produce the “wiggle” effect, and it’s evenly divisible into 24 and 30 fps compositions. However, you may adjust the frame rate to produce different wiggle speeds using the “interpret footage” menu in AE. In fact, there's an entire tutorial about this in our tutorial section.



The duration of each Quicktime clip is 6 seconds. If you need it to be longer, simply apply a loop to the footage using the “interpret footage” menu in AE.



WiggleType is not a font. It is designed to be hand-set in After Effects. You will place and position individual characters into a composition. Because of this, we do not recommend it for typesetting large amounts of text. It is much better suited to small amounts of text (for instance, title cards or commercial tags).